Built by JAMES POLLOCK, SONS & C0 Ltd. Naval Architects, Shipbuilders and Engineers, 3 LLOYDS AVENUE, LONDON, E.C.3. SHIPYARD, FAVERSHAM, ENGLAND.

Life Ring



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Ship's Dog

Tug Swallow's Ship's Dog Tug Swallw's Ship's Dog. James Pollock, Sons & Co. Ltd

Tug Swallow's Ship's Dog

Tug Swallow's Ship's Dog

This is our Ship's Dog who adopted us during our visit to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home at Old Windsor. He is such a great character and is lots of fun to hang around with.


He is absolutely in his element when aboard and likes nothing better than to take a relaxing stroll around the side decks, or just laying out on the tug deck sunbathing.


He has become Swallow's self appointed Chief Security Officer and has a unique ability to repel all unwanted boarders, just by staring at them with his amazing amber coloured eyes.

Ship's Dog with SWALLOW, James Pollock, Sons & Co.

Ship's Dog with Swallow

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