Built by JAMES POLLOCK, SONS & C0 Ltd. Naval Architects, Shipbuilders and Engineers, 3 LLOYDS AVENUE, LONDON, E.C.3. SHIPYARD, FAVERSHAM, ENGLAND.

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Automatic Identification System AIS

Since December 2004 all vessels over 299 gross tonnage must carry AIS transponders, the purpose of which is to transmit a vessel's position, speed and heading, including other information such as the vessel's name, dimensions and voyage details.


AIS is intended to help ships avoid collisions, as well as assisting port authorities control sea traffic. AIS transponders on board vessels have a GPS receiver, which collects position and movement details. It also includes a VHF transmitter which transmits this information on two VHF channels and provides this data in the public domain. Other vessels or base stations are able to receive this information by using special software which can display the position of vessels on a chart plotter or computer, as shown below. 


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River Thames Estuary Marine Traffic AIS Live Data

River Thames Estuary Marine Traffic AIS Live Data.


River Thames Estuary Live Marine Traffic (AIS)

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AIS - Automatic Identification System.