Built by JAMES POLLOCK, SONS & C0 Ltd. Naval Architects, Shipbuilders and Engineers, 3 LLOYDS AVENUE, LONDON, E.C.3. SHIPYARD, FAVERSHAM, ENGLAND.

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UK Waterways, River & Canal Dimensions

The data published in the link above is the Canal & River Trust's estimate of the dimensions based upon local knowledge and expertise. The Canal & River Trust anticipates that this data is reasonably accurate, but cannot guarantee its precision.

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The link above has been compiled by John Russell and has been converted from Excel to the web by Clive Worrall. John's comments: "All dimensions are in feet/inches. They are best guesses only and have been given in good faith, but with no guarantees.

River Thames User's Guide

A user's guide to the River Thames, including river depths (draft) produced by the Environment Agency.

River Thames Draft (depth).

At certains times of the year parts of the Thames between Cricklade and Inglesham are only navigable by small boats. Below Lechlade the navigation channel is normally available for boats of the following approximate drafts:


0.9m    3'0"          Lechlade to Oxford

1.2m    4'0"          Oxford to Reading

1.3m    4'6"          Reading to Windsor

1.7m    5'6"          Windsor to Staines

2.0m    6'6"          Staines to Teddington